Bro/Sis staff members are seasoned youth development professionals. On average, they have more than 12 years of experience providing culturally relevant direct service to Black and Latinx youth, and more than 8 years experience working within our organization. About 1/3 of our frontline staff are alumni of the organization. Many are first generation college graduates from low-income families.

They speak English, Spanish, French, and Creole. Many are immigrants and the primary language in their home is not English. Overwhelmingly, our staff comes from similar communities as our youth and thus has an interconnected and communal understanding of our membership.

Khary Lazarre-White

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Jason Warwin

Associate Executive Director & Co-Founder

Cidra M. Sebastien

Associate Executive Director

Wendy M. DeJesus

Associate Director for Programming

Katherine Acosta

Office Manager/
Development Associate

London Arnold

Chapter Leader & Teen Facilitator

Chantel Austin

Human Resources Manager

Erin A. Baskin

Coordinator of Grants & Institutional Giving

Silvia Canales

College & Career Coordinator

Marsha Jean Charles

Lead Organizer & Liberation Program Facilitator

Dayna-Joy Chin

Curriculum & Evaluation Coordinator

Wendy Flores

Environmental Program Facilitator

Simone Gamble

Chapter Leader/Liberation Program Facilitator

Jose Garzon


Veronica Hinds

Coordinator of Special Events & Communication

Frantz Jerome

Chapter Leader & Arts Facilitator

Jorge Laboy

Chapter Leader

Joshua Leach

Coordinator of Digital Community Engagement & Institutional Giving

José Lora

Chapter Leader

Gabriel José Maldonado

Environmental Program Facilitator

Meischan Parrilla

Facilities & IT Manager

Dominique Mitchell

Chapter Leader & After School Program Facilitator

Nicholas Peart

After School Program Facilitator

Brittany Reyes

Chapter Leader/After School Program Facilitator

Nando Rodriguez

Environmental Program Coordinator

Ingrid Romero

Chapter Leader

Ralphie Santiago

After School Program Assistant Coordinator

Juan Tavarez

Chapter Leader/Teen Facilitator

Bradley Valentin

Chapter Leader/Teen Facilitator

Abraham Velazquez, Jr.

Liberation Program Facilitator

Quanasa Wright

College & Career Facilitator

Rahwa Yebio

Chapter Leader/Youth Facilitator

Lead Consultants

PR/Media RepresentationThe Lead PR

NYC Government RelationsKasirer

NYS Government RelationsMalkin & Ross

Event ManagementEvent Associates

Legal SupportGibson Dunn

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