Felix Martinez 

Assistant Chef

Known as the Social Justice Chef, Felix has been a true champion working on the front lines to actively combat food insecurity in our most vulnerable communities. In his most recent position at Monkworx, Felix used his culinary skills, creativity and passion for the community to build a food program that fed people in multiple locations each week. Felix’s commitment to repurposing all food and not allowing food waste, has been part of the core of his being.  As the Executive Chef at Rethink Food NYC, Felix honed his creativity and ability to reimagine food items that were donated by turning left over items into delicious healthy meals.  His creations such as beet bread pudding and plantain muffins are examples of his dedication to not allowing any food to go to waste.

Felix jokes that his work at Rethink was like the original “Chopped” TV series on the Food Network; where they were given a basket of random items to transform into yummy dishes. Felix enjoys cooking diverse dishes and finds joy in growing his culinary repertoire. Felix’s sense of humor and dedication to encouraging others to be the best version of themselves is demonstrated in his value of teamwork and his commitment to teaching and being a lifelong learner.  Felix has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from New Jersey City University, an Associate degree in Secondary Education from Hudson Community College and his Diploma in Culinary Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education.