Educational Programming, Training, Organizing for Social Change

Founded in 1995, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two.

BroSis offers wrap around evidence-based programming. The organization focuses on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness. BroSis provides four-six year rites of passage programming, thorough five day a week after school care, school and home counseling, summer camps, job training and employment, college preparation, community organizing training, and international study programs to Africa and Latin America.

BroSis is unique in that we are locally based, yet with a national reach as we are: an evidence-based program that serves young people of color from economically poor communities and are seen as a model for the nation; we organize and advocate for social change; and we publish curricula and educate and train educators across the nation on our model.

Our theory of change is to provide multi-layered support, guidance, education and love to our membership, to teach them to have self-discipline and form order in their lives, and then to offer opportunities and access so that they may develop agency.

“I’ve stood on platforms around the world…many occasions that would be…auspicious, important. I have been anointed, I have been blessed and I have been admired, and I am now at my eighty-third year in life. I can honestly say with total recall, that no other event has ever meant this much to me as this evening, this very moment, in my public life.”
Harry Belafonte

Artist & Humanitarian

Mission Statement

Founded in 1995, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two.

Directors Circle

The Brotherhood Sister Sol’s “Theory of Change” is a transformative youth development model. It is one that has been honored and highlighted throughout the country.


BroSis staff members are seasoned youth development professionals. On average, they have more than 12 years of experience providing culturally relevant direct service to Black and Latinx youth, and more than 8 years experience working within our organization.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Brotherhood Sister Sol was chosen as one the five finalists for the Volunteer Consulting Group’s (VCG) inaugural Brooke V. Mahoney Award for Outstanding Board Leadership.

Awards & Recognition

The Brotherhood Sister Sol has earned national recognition for our evidence-based model, receiving awards that include, Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network Use Your Life Award, Ford Foundation’s Leadership for a Changing World Award, Abyssinian Development Corporation’s Harlem Renaissance Award, and the Brown University inaugural Alumni Association Young Public Service Award.


The Brotherhood Sister Sol, or BroSis as members and staff affectionately shorten the name, was established in 1994 to offer supportive programs for Black and Latino youth in impoverished communities.


A Harlem based organization, BroSis currently resides at 140 Hamilton Place, at 143rd and Amsterdam, our temporary home as our construction project gets underway.

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