Bro/Sis has stood at the forefront of providing comprehensive youth development programs for twenty years. We want members to define manhood and womanhood for themselves, to embrace new forms of leadership, and to learn a moral and ethical code that embraces differences and supports excellence. Bro/Sis provides greater opportunities for youth members to have economic security, healthy minds, bodies and spirits as well as academic success and lives that inspire others. We understand the value in our youth members delaying parenthood – which results in our members taking advantage of higher education and full-time employment.

We also understand the value of our young people becoming financially wise, exploring career options, and having meaningful interactions with professionals – which allows them to assert themselves and achieve self-defined success.

“What brought me to Brotherhood/Sister Sol is that this organization is attempting to find relevant solutions to the desperate situations facing our young people in the community. The services they provide are invaluable. They are a significant island in a vast sea.”
Danny Glover



Each year we provide direct guidance and support to over 350 youth. To date, we have trained over 2,000 educators from nearly 250 schools and organizations through our youth development model.


Testimonials are from members, prominent supporters, prominent educators and parents. We have collected written and spoken statement extolling the virtue of their experience at Bro/Sis.

College Results

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol provides comprehensive college preparedness to our members. Over their time in our programs, members attend campus tours where they are exposed to a variety of colleges and universities.