Testimonials are from members, prominent supporters, prominent educators and parents. We have collected written and spoken statement extolling the virtue of their experience at BroSis.


“[The Brotherhood Sister Sol] is using their passion to uplift and inspire a next generation through extraordinary work that creates leaders and a sanctuary for children…. [where their members] can develop a higher vision of themselves.”

Oprah Winfrey
OWN Network, Media Proprietor, Talk Show Host, Actor, Producer, & Philanthropist

“I’ve stood on platforms around the world…many occasions that would be…auspicious, important. I have been anointed, I have been blessed and I have been admired, and I am now at my eighty-third year in life. I can honestly say with total recall, that no other event has ever meant this much to me as this evening, this very moment, in my public life.”

Harry Belafonte
Artist & Humanitarian

“I believe so deeply in the life-saving work that The Brotherhood Sister Sol is dedicated to: values and skills building that empower young people and keep them on course; helping young people to see and develop the extraordinary within themselves; ensuring their safe passage to adulthood. It is surely one of the most incredible organizations in the nation. Their work is catalytic! Their leadership, their services and outcomes are without peer. Simply put, The Brotherhood Sister Sol does the work that few others will or even know how to do…. They have answered the call to repair the village, to secure the children. It’s our responsibility to ensure they have all they need to do God’s work.”

Susan L. Taylor
Founder & CEO, National CARES Mentoring Movement, Editor in Chief Emeritus, Essence Magazine

“What brought me to The Brotherhood Sister Sol is that this organization is attempting to find relevant solutions to the desperate situations facing our young people in the community. The services they provide are invaluable. They are a significant island in a vast sea.”

Danny Glover
Actor, Film Director, & Political Activist

“Thank you for your leadership in providing services that empower and inspire our youth. …Your organization is a great example of how our community organizations can change lives for the better. I enjoyed learning about the Environmental Program. . . I am grateful for your contributions to our communities.”

Kirsten E. Gillibrand
US Senator


Reflections: Abraham Velazquez, Bro/Sis Alumni & LP Facilitator

Reflections: Abraham Velazquez, Bro/Sis Alumni & LP Facilitator

SO I LISTEN by Abraham Velazquez, Jr., Bro/Sis Alumni Member & Liberation Program Facilitator remember my first time being at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) and participating in their writing program, The Lyrical Circle. It was held in...

Reflections: Zora Howard, Writer, Director, Actor, Bro/Sis Alumna

Reflections: Zora Howard, Writer, Director, Actor, Bro/Sis Alumna

  Love is the word that immediately comes to mind when I think of the years I’ve spent growing with the Brotherhood/Sister Sol. It is an ever-present love felt through the mentorship and support of its staff. It is a transformative love experienced through the...

Reflections: Chynekia, Founding Sister Sol Member

Reflections: Chynekia, Founding Sister Sol Member

I have been associated with Bro/Sis since I was 13. I am now 34. That's 21 years! Never in my life have I been that committed to anything. It has given me more throughout the years than I could even ask for. More than I think they even understand. I have bonded with...

Reflections: Elizabeth Acevedo, BroSis alumna & author

Reflections: Elizabeth Acevedo, BroSis alumna & author

I would not be the writer and woman I am today had I not had the Brotherhood/Sister Sol in my life during my formative years. The foundations of my ability to self-interrogate and reclaim and own my Blackness, my agency as woman, my self-regard as a creative person,...