I have been associated with Bro/Sis since I was 13. I am now 34. That’s 21 years! Never in my life have I been that committed to anything. It has given me more throughout the years than I could even ask for. More than I think they even understand. I have bonded with so many new Sisters and Chapter Leaders over the years. Susan, Sandra, Silvia, Cidra and Wendy…who would I be without any of you? All of them shaping and molding me into the Sister, the Woman and the Leader I have become.

Throughout the years we have shared so much. Laughter, tears, knowledge, frustration and even our fears. Bro/Sis is a place where we learn to deal and cope with our struggles and to celebrate our greatness. It has introduced and exposed some of us to different lifestyles and cultures. You have allowed us a safe space to be heard and never forgotten. That means EVERYTHING when we live in a world where children and youth are often expected to just shut up and listen.

Do you understand the strength and power you have given us? Now we refuse to shut up! Lol. I just wish more of our youth had such a place and group of people to learn and grow with. Even more so in today’s day and age. Everyday I wish my own daughter was as fortunate as I was to have Bro/Sis in my life. I do not think I could have truly lived my life without any of you… even if we do not know each other personally. We are all connected to each other in some way and for that I love you all so dearly. I pray that Bro/Sis continues to grow and expand. I pray more kids experience you and feel exactly what I feel this very moment. I hold you close to my heart forever and always.

So I raise my glass, you know ’cause I’m grown now [insert happy dance here] I can do that now! Haha, seriously though, cheers to 25 amazing years of Bro/Sis and may we all pass our children to you and enjoy 25 more years.


– Chynekia, Alumna, Founding Sister Sol Member (EleLoLi: The Pages chapter)