Mission Statement

For more than 25 years, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis)
has been at the forefront of social justice, educating, organizing and training to challenge inequity and champion opportunity for all.

With a focus on Black and Latinx youth, BroSis is where young people claim the power of their history, identity and community to build the future they want to see.

Through unconditional love, around-the-clock support and wraparound programming, we make space for Black and Latinx young people to examine their roots, define their stories and awaken their agency.

We educate:

Through our comprehensive educational programs, we’re helping young people develop a critical understanding of their history, identity and role in society.

We organize:

Together with our members, alumni, and partners, we’re building on a legacy of youth-led activism to realize a more just and equitable future.

We train:

Through our innovative training models, we’re empowering educators and organizers to spark young agents of change across the nation. Founded and headquartered in Harlem, BroSis offers far-reaching opportunities for young people across the country to transform their lives and communities.

"I’ve stood on platforms around the world…many occasions that would be…auspicious, important. I have been anointed, I have been blessed and I have been admired, and I am now at my eighty-third year in life. I can honestly say with total recall, that no other event has ever meant this much to me as this evening, this very moment, in my public life."

Harry Belafonte

Artist & Humanitarian