The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) provides holistic and long-term educational support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two. Bro/Sis offers wrap around evidence-based programming including: four to six year rites of passage programming, five day a week after school care, school and home counseling, summer camps, job training, college preparation, employment opportunities, community organizing training, and month long international study programs to Africa and Latin America.

We are committed to helping youth develop their minds, bodies and spirits in a healthy manner, ensuring their development into strong and successful adults.

“[The Brotherhood/Sister Sol] is using their passion to uplift and inspire a next generation through extraordinary work that creates leaders and a sanctuary for children…. where their members can develop a higher vision of themselves.”
Oprah Winfrey

Founder of the OWN

Rites of Passage

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Rites of Passage (ROP) Program is the foundation of the organization. Our goal is to empower youth through discovery and discussion of history, culture, social problems, and the political forces surrounding them.

After School

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) understands that the after school hours are a prime time for engaging young people. Our programming offers a safe space where young people, ages eight to 18, can learn and grow, form lasting friendships, have fun, and be enriched by our curriculum.

Summer Leadership Program

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) provides an enriching environment when school is out. SLP helps members broaden their worldview through international study, allows them to explore the city through fun and educational activities, and helps them gain skills for entering the workforce.

College Advisory Program

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) College Advisory Program (or CAP) is our most formal approach to college preparation. Its primary purpose is to expose our 7th to 12th graders to the college experience and support their successful entry into and achievement in higher education.


To prepare youth for community leadership for both today and the future, we developed the Organizing Program. This program is for members of Bro/Sis who have a demonstrated an interest in activism.

Environmental Program

For well over a decade, The Brotherhood-Sister Sol has been actively engaged in the urban gardening & farming movement.

Spead The Word

The proverb it takes a village to raise a child is an apt approach to youth development for many Black and Latino/a youth. They come from homes in which generations of blood and virtual family have traditionally had a significant role in their upbringing.


Liberating Voices/Liberating Minds is The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s “Youth-approved, education for liberation strategies & tools” designed for school and community based educators: teachers, youth workers, organizers, program directors, principals.