Arianny Jorge

Career & Workforce Coordinator

Arianny is a scholar, career consultant, HR business partner, and engineer. She is an alumna of The University of Virginia, where she majored in history and double minored in statistics and economics. As part of the Distinguished Major Honors Program, she researched The New Deal’s effects on 20th-century Black Americans, leading to broader 21st-century implications. Her research interests focus on the abstractions of technology, economics, business, law, entrepreneurship, and history.

Outside of her academic trajectory, Arianny is the founder of Revamped, a global career consultancy with a network of over 110,000 global followers. Revamped’s mission is to narrow the international gaps in wages, talent, and skills. To date, she has worked with hundreds of professionals in securing fulfilling and high-growth jobs across various industries, including at renowned companies like Google, NBC, AWS, Goldman Sachs, and Disney. This endeavor has cumulatively added more than $20M in total client salary earnings.

With over five years in Human Resources, talent acquisition, and change management, Arianny has utilized her expertise at leading enterprises including American Express, Accenture, and Meta.

Her diverse academic and professional background, combined with a strong commitment to social justice, unites under a single mission: to create impactful initiatives that improve the lives of underserved, disenfranchised, and marginalized people worldwide.