Jodeen Johnson

Sister Sol Coordinator

Jodeen is an equity-minded advocate for young people who has more than ten years of student facing experience and over  five years of leadership experience focused on developing the whole child through instructional design and building collaborative, meaningful relationships. Since 2012, her work has shaped her into a skilled facilitator, instructional designer, and liaison who believes deeply that we must reimagine education and youth development as we know it to truly achieve the outcomes all young people deserve. Jodeen recognizes that building relationships while elevating community voice in the redesign process yields significant results.

Jodeen is a Caribbean woman and a graduate of a historically black college for women, valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion is inherent within her. Jodeen’s professional experience has allowed her to leverage her values to support and advocate for young people from underserved communities.

Jodeen received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Bennett College in North Carolina and her Masters of Youth Studies from City University of New York School of Professional Studies.

Jodeen’s professional experience has allowed her to support and advocate for young people from underserved and underrepresented communities at a systematic level. Over the past ten years, Jodeen has worked extensively with young people in a collegiate and high school settings, in roles at York College City University of New York in the SEEK Department, St. John’s University as a College and Career Advisor through the Liberty Partnership Program, CommonPoint Queens as a Counselor Advocate, and Dream Charter High school as a Youth Development Specialists in which she designed and implement curriculum to orient students to skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary for success in a college preparatory program, and worked along side staff to analyze academic and culture data, revise practice norm on team-wide initiatives, and discuss individual students with a solutions-oriented mindset.

In her most recent role at Pratt Institute, Jodeen served as a PreCollege Coordinator in which she aided in the planning and execution of all academic pre-college programming, including identifying and hiring instructors, to coordinating pre-college operations such as marketing, communications, registration, and financial management with the Program Director and Associate Director for Pre-College students.

Jodeen is truly inspired by the stories she hears daily and the young people’s lives that are impact weekly. While always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, it is Jodeen’s daily mission to ensure that young people not only feel seen and heard, but also feel loved and challenged. One of Jodeen’s biggest drives is to make sure all voices are at the table, especially the voices of young Black and Brown people.

Jodeen is looking to use her strengths as a connector, educator, and leader to leverage the collective expertise of young people, families, and colleagues to reimagine education and youth development.