Xiomara Soto-Jerome

Administrative Assistant

Xiomara has been instrumental in helping to build operational infrastructure and office procedures for non-profit spaces.  Her previous role as project coordinator and community organizer with Portabella Advisors enabled Xiomara to support teams to meet their project goals, helping to streamline processes and create transparent project plans.  She applied workflow management skills coupled with her engaging presence to foster effective collaboration and maximize partnerships and community involvement. Xiomara also served as personal assistant to the founder and other key stakeholders at Portabella Advisors where she was involved in multiple administrative activities that required excellent time management and execution. Xiomara’s prior time as a research scientist intern for the New York Blood Center provided insights into research topics related to sickle cell anemia. Xiomara has attended Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY and is a bi-lingual Spanish speaker. Xiomara was also a member of BroSis’ Liberation Program when she was in high school.