Sheba Jackson

After School Program Elementary Facilitator

Sheba Jackson earned her Associates Degree from Onondaga Community College and her BA in Philosophy from Stony Brook University. She previously worked as a College Career and Entrepreneurship Advocate and 6th Grade Dean at Ember Charter School where she supported students academically and socially; managed internship opportunity programs; and provided support for young people throughout the college process. Sheba also worked at Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School where she planned lessons and mentored and taught students.

She worked for several years at Sheba’s HomeKare where she supervised up to 16 students who ranged in age from 2 to 12. At HomeKare she organized activities, created age-appropriate lesson plans, and provided tutoring and academic support. Sheba also worked at Syracuse Salt City Church as a Youth Program Manager and oversaw community service outreach, developed academic supports for students transitioning to college, and facilitated career readiness workshops.