Jason Warwin

Associate Executive Director for Programming & Training, Co-Founder

Jason Warwin is the Co-Founder of The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis). He is an expert in the field of youth development, and a specialist in the design of transformative programming, curriculum and experiences. Jason leads programming and professional development efforts of BroSis and has trained educators across the country on the organization’s unique pedagogical methodology. 

Jason’s focus during the past 30 years has been developing organizations and programs that directly support the development of Black and Latinx youth in the Americas. The organizations and programs he has co-created, including The Brotherhood Sister Sol, the Community Service and Development Program, International Study Program, The Liberation Program, Diáspora Solidária and Irmãos Unidos have long records of success and have supported development of hundreds of youth in the United States and internationally. 

Jason has traveled extensively in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean for personal study and as an educational guide. For 7 years, from 2006 to 2013 Jason lived in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, Brazil. There he explored Afro-Brazilian culture, learned and implemented permaculture techniques, and was involved in a variety of community organizing and youth development efforts, including the establishment of a formal branch of The Brotherhood Sister Sol.

Over the years Jason has received numerous awards including an Echoing Green Fellowship, the Community Works’ “Long Walk to Freedom Award”, the Fund for the City of New York’s “Union Square Award for Grassroots Organizing”, the Brown University Alumni Association’s “Public Service Award”, the Abyssinian Development Corporation’s “Harlem Renaissance Award”, the Oprah Winfrey “Use Your Life Award”, and the Ford Foundation’s “Leadership for a Changing World” award.

Jason has served on the Board of Directors of The New York Foundation, The Fund for Social Change and of Educators for Social Responsibility.