Meischan Parrilla

Facilities & IT Manager

Meischan, born in Panama, now resides in Spanish Harlem. He completed coursework at Central Park East Secondary School and earned his high school diploma from West Side High School in 2001. Meischan is a founding member of The Brotherhood Sister Sol, joining the Invincible & Untouchable Chapter in 1995.

He was our first member to become a full-time staff member, maintaining the facilities and materials for the organization as our Office Manager since 2001, and more recently serving as our computer technician and website manager.

Meischan is now responsible for our website management, all internal IT needs, operations for the building, and assorted technology support. He has certificates of completion from Brainbench on Macintosh 0S X 10.7/OS X 10.8 for Desktop Administration and Networking as well as in Computer Technical Support for both Windows XP/7 and Macintosh Operating Systems.