• “I’ve stood on platforms around the world…many occasions that would be…auspicious, important. I have been anointed, I have been blessed and I have been admired, and I am now at my eighty-third year in life. I can honestly say with total recall, that no other event has ever meant this much to me as this evening, this very moment, in my public life.”

  • “[The Brotherhood/Sister Sol] is using their passion to uplift and inspire a next generation through extraordinary work that creates leaders and a sanctuary for children…. [where their members] can develop a higher vision of themselves.”


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Voices 12

May 12, 2016


Bro/Sis 20th Anniversary

June 11, 2015


Summer Campaign 2016

Each summer The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) provides an array of experiences for our members. Without Bro/Sis our young …

Organizing – Fair Policing

About our work to ensure fair policing that adheres to the United States Constitution
The Brotherhood…

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Two members reflect

A member and alumnus reflect on 20 years of Bro/Sis…

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol – Overview

An overview short film about The Brotherhood/Sister Sol By Frank Antonio L…

Voices 10

Pictures from our annual VOICES event.

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