A courtyard and garden is a gathering spot. Credit: Ike Edeani for The New York Times

Since June, we’ve been honored to engage our youth members and the community in our new state-of-the-art 22,000-square-foot facility designed for social change and a beacon of enlightenment. Michael Kimmelman, the architecture critic of The New York Timescame to BroSis twice for tours, and met with our Executive Director and Co-Founder, Khary Lazarre-White, and the lead architects on the project, Tony Shitemi and Dwayne Smith-Malcolm from UAI. Khary had the opportunity to share how the organization’s mission lives and breathes throughout each room. Please read his reflections on the building, BroSis, and the community we’re honored to support

As Micheal said, “The architecture is bold and out there, like BroSis; at the same time it does its job, which is no small feat. For good reason, the building has become an instant landmark in the neighborhood.” With the new building, BroSis will continue to be a beacon of light to those in Harlem, the New York community, and beyond.


Please check it out, and share it with your friends! Learn more about the space and the young people we support. It’s a great piece that highlights our unique model, new building, extensive educational programming, and our national reach. It details how crucial our work is: “We didn’t build a skyscraper in Midtown,” is how Lazarre-White puts it. “We grew to meet the demands of our communities and we see ourselves as a justice and anti-poverty organization serving those communities, which need our help more than ever.”