Upon our arrival in Cuba, the first thing to take note of was the hot and humid tropical air. Unlike anything I have experienced in New York, the air wasn’t only hot but fresh.

The most eye catching and notable part upon arrival would have to be seeing the “End the blockade against Cuba” bus. As empowering as it was to see the bus displayed proud in the lot of the airport, driving to the hotel was even more empowering. The fresh look of children and adults hanging out and playing outside without the suffocating surge of technology gives a homey and warmer feeling, one foreign to myself.

The abundance of flora and fauna as well as old time cars gives you a sense of simpler times and happier people. It’s as if Cuba is closed off to the stress of modern-day societies and is still living in a happier, more technologically scarce time.

The only thing to note is although Cuba is not as wealthy as other countries they still manage to surprise and impress with their rich architecture and food. Coming here you understand the difference in worlds from NY to Cuba. Something as simple as pineapple juice is different, organic and fresh without having to ask or pay extra, or even the rich and flavorful chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and coconut like aftertaste is an amazing new experience to a foreigner.

-Antoinette S. Aviles