My time and experience in Cuba so far has been great. Ever since getting off the plane and out the doors of the airport, I can’t stop smiling as the environment of Cuba produces a different vibe than New York. The people here are so welcoming although the relationship between Cuba and the United States of America isn’t the best. Instead of turning away from us, they have become fascinated and appreciative of our presence while understanding that it is the government, not the people that are supporting the blockade.

The weather is beautiful and I admire their way of life. As they don’t live in a modern society, they still manage to live everyday to the fullest. I have learned that there living conditions were once similar to the U.S as blacks and whites were separated and women were looked upon as inferior. It is very rare to find a black doll here because stereotypes conveyed being white or close to it was considered beautiful.

Today women make up most of the Cuban government but are still limited from reaching their full potential. We also went to a little art exhibit and viewed the works of an artist named Salvador. So far a lesson I have learned is don’t take anything for granted. I, along with others, tend to complain about New York and how we want to move out the city when we get older. We have resources at home that Cubans don’t have here. So instead of berating something we don’t like, we should remain humble and grateful cause others would love to have it.

-Brandon Nesmith