The day started off really interesting due to the fact I woke up early and on time. I woke up for breakfast and early enough to take a morning shower to start off a good day. The activity we were going to do was go up a tower that was used to call the slaves in the vicinity (when slavery still existed in Cuba). When I was up there I could see more than just the town and thought to myself if there was another use for it. You could probably use the tower for communication or more. After that we went down the tower to a place nearby. There, I was able to squeeze the juice out of a sugar cane. The task at first was not so difficult but as we reused the cane a few times, to make more juice, it became a lot harder. The juice itself was amazing and felt a little (just a little bit) of the pain slaves might have endured in Cuba. It really gave me a firsthand perspective and a new idea on how slavery might have been. After that we went to lunch, followed by a trip to the beach. The water was beautiful. It was last time we would go to the beach in Cuba. We had a lot of fun swimming and felt free. We had to leave so Leo our bus driver could rest for the daunting 12 hour bus ride to Santiago. I was exhausted and had a very satisfying day with everyone on this ISP trip.