Bro/Sis has partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi NY to launch the “Talk About The Talk” campaign.

  • The centerpiece of the campaign is a PSA that portrays several intimate conversations between Black parents and their children about how to avoid potentially dangerous police encounters—but ends with a white father reminding his teenage son that police officers are there to help.
  • The spot draws attention to the contrast between how different communities experiences with law enforcement in this country, and ultimately asks, “Do we want one America, or two?”
  • The campaign also features a website and other social media elements, including the hashtag #TalkAboutTheTalk, which seek to raise awareness and spark a discussion about “The Talk.”
  • “The Talk” describes the difficult conversation being had in America between black parents and their children, especially teenage boys, about how they should act when encountered by law enforcement officers.
  • While this oftentimes painful discussion is a commonplace in Black households, many white homes are unaware these conversations are even taking place.
  • It’s time America talks about The Talk!