The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is more than a community center for young people; we are a family of educators, counselors, advocates, friends, and mentors who provide a safe space full of resources and love for our members through holistic programming and activities.

As a volunteer, you add to the network of support we provide for our members. Whether you are a mentor–directly working with our members as they grow and learn, a member of The Friends of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol–planning fundraising events, or an extra pair of hands–assisting with special projects or a guest speaker, we welcome your contribution to our family.


For 2016, adults mentor 1-3 members, ages 7-12, on Monday evenings from 6-7:30pm at our Brownstone. Activities include games, recreational and enrichment activities. Mentor-mentee partners create bi-annual projects to present to families and staff. There are also bi-annual Saturday trips.

For our teens, ages 13-18, or recent alumni, ages 18-21, adult meetings with members are more flexible. They may meet monthly, seasonally or commit to allowing a member to shadow or intern. Mentors may provide insight on a specific career or provide guidance as members make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Guest Speaker
Guest speakers share their expertise on a range of topics, exposing members to career and college possibilities as well as teaching about an important issue.

Fundraising & Organizational Support

The Friends of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol
The Friends of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is group of volunteers that meets monthly to coordinate special events. Each Friend makes an annual $250.00 contribution and works collectively to organize networking and fundraising events.

Special Projects
We have people who dedicate a day, or several days, to work in the community garden adjacent to our brownstone (planting, landscaping), provide staffing support at special events (registering guests, clean-up) and provide administrative assistance.

Interested in volunteering with Bro/Sis?
You can download and email the volunteer application with your resume to info@brotherhood-sistersol.org or fax to 212-283-3700 to the attention of the Volunteer Coordinator or ASP Coordinator.