Artwork by BroSis youth member Ava

For nearly 30 years, The Brotherhood Sister Sol has been at the forefront of social justice, educating, organizing, and training to challenge inequity and create opportunity for all. 

At the heart of this work is the belief that young people are the most effective agents of change. And so we partner with them to examine their roots, define their stories, and grow their agency to change the future. As alumna and Pulitzer Prize finalist Zora Howard says:

“Youth be a witness, youth be a litmus, youth be a light, be our whole flight forward, if you listen… it’s only up from here when we let the youth be the solution.” 

 Since our founding BroSis has utilized creative expression as a tool for youth development, ensuring that our members experience the power and possibility of art and use it to advance justice.  

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In order to nurture their voices, we surround our youth with powerful expressions of voice and artistic expression. We see this in our new home, where the walls are adorned with art donated by some of the most influential artists of our day, from Carrie Mae Weems to Derek Fordjour to Allison Janae Hamilton, and more.  

We also see it in the art being created by young people every day at BroSis, from the landscape design in our community garden, to the photography and videography in our Lightwork Film Club, to the poetry of our Writers’ Collective, to the mixed media creations of our afterschool programming.

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Your continued support is as crucial now as it’s ever been. With the opening of our new building this past June, we expanded our staff and programming, hiring over twenty new staff over the past 12 months alone, and building capacity around health & wellness, STEAM, organizing and more.

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Khary Lazarre-White
Executive Director & Co-Founder


About the artwork:

This painting is about what you could see and/or discover behind a window. There are always 2 sides. At the beginning of your day, you have to choose either to make your own choices or someone else’s choices. So don’t let anybody choose for you whether to have a good or bad day.