Now we have began our second week of Cuba and so far it has been great. I have done many things that I have never done before. I finally went to my first beach and went horseback riding. Surprisingly, I was able to handle the horse quite well. I was able to take pictures of my environment while only holding the rope with one hand! We went to a restaurant for lunch that has not only home food but also has its own garden. Therefore the type of food and drinks that we consumed were all organic and fresh. Before dinner, we went to a house where cigars have been made. The farmer showed us the process of creating cigars and how to sell them. After we ate dinner we hanged around the area taking pictures while the sun was setting. Some of us were playing around with the dogs of that area. After this we went to the houses of certain people. Me and 3 other group members went to our host, Fidel’s house. My perspective of Cuba hasn’t changed entirely because I always knew that Cuba was a great country behind all the American propaganda in history books. Now I know the main reason why Cuba is struggling is because of the American blockade. The American government doesn’t know that what they are doing isn’t really hurting the Cuban government but mostly hurting the Cuban people’s lives. We learned that the Cuban people are happy when they see American tourists come and enjoy life in Cuba. However not only enjoy life like a vacation but enjoy life educationally and learn the different aspects of life when you have an advantage and disadvantage.

-Clarck Desire Jr.