Ghana 2011

Ghana (2011)

On July 3, we embark on an amazing experience to live and study in Ghana. For a few of us, this journey will be the first time we are on a plane; for others, it will be the first time we are leaving the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; and for most of us, this journey marks our first time visiting a country on the African continent. Although we depart on Sunday, the beginning of our journey took place much earlier this year.

Since January, we have been meeting two to three times each month to learn about the rich history and culture of Ghana. We have studied pan-Africanism and globalization, met Ghanaians living and working in New York City, visited the Global Africa Project at the Museum of Art and Design, studied the transatlantic slave trade and visited the African burial grounds, and researched issues related to the environment, government, and economics. We have written reflections about our expectations, fears, and hopes.

We have completed individual and group projects, specifically focusing on issues connected to culture, economics, government, and environment. Though we have been preparing, we know there is so much more for us to learn and explore and share.