College Advisory Program

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) College Advisory Program (or CAP) is our most formal approach to college preparation. Its primary purpose is to expose our 7th to 12th graders to the college experience and support their successful entry into and achievement in higher education.


We facilitate a range of experiences and connect them to training and resources that will:

  • Broaden their knowledge of college and universities (public, private, HBCU, single sex, etc.)
  • Deepen their interest and belief that they can achieve in higher education
  • Increase their awareness of career options and the pathways to success


CAP is coordinated by Silvia Canales, a long time Sister Sol Chapter Leader who has been trained in the college preparation process by Options (offered by Goddard-Riverside Community Center). Silvia guides program staff on identifying appropriate colleges, building strong applications, creating and assessing financial aid packages, and other key issues. Program staff facilitates college tours for their groups and provide one-on-one college counseling. Each year one staff person works with Silvia and alumni to facilitate our in-house College Fair. The insights and guidance of our alumni, who also help conduct tours on their campuses, are especially meaningful to our members and demonstrate that they too can succeed in higher education.


  • Individualized support and guidance
  • Local and regional college visits and tours
  • Access to SAT preparation
  • An in-house College Fair featuring Bro/Sis alumni and their schools (January)
  • A Workshop Series for high school seniors:
    Application Workshop helps them develop their application package (October)
    Financial Aid Application 101
    helps them understand and accurately complete their financial aid form (January)
    Show Me the Money: Comparing Financial Aid Packages helps them understand their tuition fees, grants and scholarship package (April)
    Transition Day
    prepares them for the day-to-day college experience (August)

Bro/Sis is also committed to sending each graduating 12th grader to college with a laptop and a goodie bag of personal and school supplies.


By the time our members are applying for college they have had the opportunity to visit at least 15 schools throughout New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. They are informed about what colleges are looking for and how to present themselves in an application and interview. When they enter college, they are familiar with the academic expectations and dynamics of campus social life. We continue to support our members through age 22 knowing that they will encounter many new challenges as they transiton into college (and/or the workforce).