The week has gone by really fast but slow at the same time with many ups and downs. For instance, the many organizations we have met in Cuba so far have been able to really show us the truth about Cuba, letting us know the real effects of the blockade on the Cuban people… another side of the story that I haven’t heard of from the US point of view.

As far as this day goes it started off great with a tour around an organic farm in Cuba. They showed us around the area with the worms that make it possible to farm in the area. We also saw some of the crops grown in the area including basil, nani, mangoes, lettuce, and oregano. Then I had a incident with a glass, I applied pressure on the glass and it burst in my hand [Bro/Sis Note: He’s fine!]. Then we went to the beach and had some fun under the sun with ISP members.

I lost my phone and that brought my spirit down a lot don’t know what to really think. Then we had the youth seminar in which my group had to present my project. We started with a icebreaker that involved the staff as well and our main activity was great.

It involved a game of jeopardy, we shared our findings with this fun activity, but also made time for a debrief of our information. This whole day filled with ups and downs makes me really think about how to stay focused on my days in Cuba. Dealing with them in a manner that doesn’t affect my days here allows me to grow into a better person.

-Carlos Munoz