The Brotherhood Sister Sol joined Emerson Collective, and a coalition of NYC organizations united in shaping conversations and policies for a sustainable climate now and for the future and pleased to participate in Emerson Collective’s Climate Science Fair, ‘A Public Display of Climate Optimism‘ at The High Line. 

 The event, September 20 – September 23, celebrated optimism at work through scalable innovation, demonstrating the efficacy of community-based solutions in achieving a just and sustainable world and spotlighting problem-solvers and collaborative thinkers committed to climate action.

Members of our Environmental Program demoed the “HotBox Composting” method as part of the event’s interactive exhibits within the fair’s Farms Fixing Food theme, which featured new approaches to growing, distributing, and making food accessible. 

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At the heart of our Environmental Program is the Frank White Garden, where we have employed the HotBox composting method for over a decade. This innovative approach is integral to our curriculum, ensuring that most youth members understand and learn about sustainable composting.

We work with our partner Open Road on the HotBox, a system that unites Art and Science to decompose organic waste. The HotBox was designed and patented by Open Road, founded by the artist Paula Hewitt, with an engineering team of adults and youth in the Environmental Community.

Patent holders include BroSis alum member Jason Montalvo, current BroSis staff Ralphael Santiago and Nando Rodriguez, and our partner Paula of Open Road.

Climate Science Fair