Bro/Sis co-founder and Associate Executive Director Jason Warwin was recently featured on the Ethics in Education Network’s Ethical Schools Podcast, where he talked about his work with Bro/Sis board member Jon Moscow. The Ethics in Education Network envisions equitable and inclusive educational environments that support students in becoming adults capable of and committed to building ethical institutions and dismantling systems of oppression and inequality. From their website:

Jason Warwin is the Co-Founder and Associate Executive Director of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, an organization that provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth who range in age from eight to twenty-two. Located in Harlem (NYC), Bro/Sis also has programs dedicated to developing Black and Latinx youth in Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean. Jason is a specialist in the design of transformative experiences and we talked about how the Bro/Sis model leads young people to ethical leadership and educational achievement, and makes them an essential part of a solid community that has been fighting oppression for almost 25 years.

To listen to Jason’s Podcast Click Here.