Please support the Jamari Malachi Johns Fundraiser for The Brotherhood Sister Sol Rites of Passage and College, Career, and Wellness programs.

Jamari, a nineteen-year-old with innocent optimism, was brutally murdered in a senseless act of gun violence on August 13, 2022, just weeks after celebrating his birthday with family and friends. 

Jamari attended Thurgood Marshall Academy, James Baldwin High, and was an active youth member of The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis), based in Harlem, NY. He was nurtured in the church and had loving environments throughout his life. An avid sports fan, Jamari loved football, basketball, and video games. Towards the end of his life, Jamari began to explore an interest in engineering and was considering a career in the military. 

He loved spending time away from the city with his other family, and his greatest love was Vyson, his younger brother. Jamari is adored by many and will always be remembered, as he exuded such energy that always made you dance, smile or laugh. 

To everyone at BroSis, Jamari was a sweet young man who loved to laugh and have a good time with his brothers. He always brought light and positive energy to weekly sessions and never spoke ill of anyone. His love for BroSis was evident as he was always there for his peers and had unwavering loyalty to them. 

Please join me and my family as we raise money for their Rites of Passage Program and College, Career, and Wellness Program. Your support will mean so much to me and my family as we keep Jamari’s memory alive. 

Thank you,

Victoria Brooks


Remembering Jamari Malachi Johns