The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s Theory of Change is:

  • To provide multi-layered support, guidance, education and love to our membership
  • To teach them to have self-discipline and form order in their lives
  • To offer opportunities and access so that they may develop agency

Each year we provide direct guidance and support to over 350 youth. To date, we have trained over 2,000 educators from nearly 250 schools and organizations through our youth development model.

Bro/Sis has documented, evidence based outcomes that display the successful approach of our holistic and long-term model:


  • 94% of Bro/Sis alumni have graduated from high school or earned a GED; with 88% receiving their high school degree

    Whereas the high school graduation rate in New York City is 70%, in Harlem the graduation rate is 42% and the Schott Foundation found that the graduation rate of Black and Latino boys is New York City 34%

Critical Decision Making

  • The teenaged pregnancy rate at Bro/Sis is less than 2%

    Whereas Harlem’s teenaged pregnancy rate is 15%

  • No alumni or member of Bro/Sis is incarcerated and less than 1% have a felony conviction

    Whereas one out of three Black males, ages 20-29 are under supervision of the prison system – incarcerated, on probation or on parole

Employment and moving from poverty

  • 95% of Bro/Sis alumni are either enrolled in college or working full time

    30% of youth in Harlem, ages 18-25, are either enrolled in college or employed full time