Since our founding, BroSis has harnessed political education and creative expression as a tool to challenge inequity and champion justice across various issues. BroSis is where young people claim the power of their history, identity, and community. Together with our members, alumni, and partners, BroSis builds on its legacy of youth-led activism to realize a more just and equitable future.

This year, we’ve augmented how we utilize technology in the arts. Our youth members were exposed to digital content creation software like ProTools, Adobe Creative Suite, and iMovie. During the summer program, members worked on short films intended to provide a space for their creativity, thoughts, and ideas and for their voices to be amplified and acknowledged. Watch one of their films below; our youth activists speak on what it means to be an activist, organizer, and ally.

We use art and education to help young people heal from trauma, process the world they see and find their voices – to achieve transformation. The words of BroSis alumni member, poet, activist, and organizer Lu Aya reminds us:

“If we’re not home, we’re on the road to transformation/weaving poetry into streets at demonstrations… Knowledge is power, and when they ask us how we know this, that’s when we nod… because the answer is BroSis.”

Your year-end tax-deductible donation will help support our efforts utilizing art to advance justice.

This year, your individual contribution will go twice as far, thanks to a $100,000 matching pledge from a member of our Board of Directors. Please give today to support BroSis and our talented and fierce youth members.

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