Support BroSis This Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, we want to thank our community for standing with The Brotherhood Sister Sol to educate, organize, and train. Your partnership has made it possible for BroSis to keep our doors open, to fortify our families and our community, to nurture our young people’s minds, bodies and spirits, and to thrive in the face of adversity. 

We are asking you to renew your commitment to BroSis and the youth we serve by making a year-end contribution.


BroSis has always sought to elevate young people, and in this ask, we want to introduce you to one of our members.



Mamakula, a leader among our youth organizers, is a high school senior who lives in the Bronx with her family who speak English, Mandinka, and French. At BroSis, she is broadening her knowledge of social issues and deepening her commitment to the political empowerment of young people like her – having completed two summers of youth organizing trainings at BroSis.

This year, she’s been active in our work with Children’s Defense Fund to end the criminalization of children and ensure justice for all young people. Mamakula is busy applying to colleges where she plans to major in communications.

Mamakula and our youth organizers are fighting for a better future, one with more justice and more opportunity. Will you stand with them in this work by making a donation to BroSis?



The leadership of young people like Mamakula will be critical in the coming years, and so we are expanding our programming to meet the moment and ensure they emerge from the past year and a half healthy and whole. Construction of our new building, a 20,000 square foot beacon dedicated to the enlightenment of young people, is nearly complete. And, we are hiring new staff including social workers to support health and wellness, a teaching chef to prepare meals and educate around healthy eating, after-school staff to increase workaround STEAM, and added capacity around career development.

Your year-end gift to BroSis will ensure that our young people receive this wrap-around support, engaging and innovative programming, political education, mentorship, guidance, and love.

At BroSis, a new home, a new year, and a new future is coming. We’re building something special together, and rising to the moment. We could not move forward without the generous supporters of donors like you.

Thank you.

P.S. — We accept one-time, weekly, and monthly donations online, as well as checks, cryptocurrency, stock transfers, and more. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to email us at [email protected].