This is my first ISP and so far and my knowledge of Cuba has grown. I used to think that Cuba was a run down,rat infested, and third world country. Now I know that Cuba is a beautiful country that is trying to thrive even though the USA embargo is holding a tight grip on them and trying to put obstacles in front of them to make their government collapse. Today I learned that most people practice permaculture which is when someone is in harmony with nature and protects their environment. I used to think that all the Cubans riding horses could not afford car but after learning about permaculture, I learned that some Cubans ride horses not because they can’t afford cars but because they do not want to use fossil fuel and pollute the air. This really changed my view on Cuba and the Cuban people and I’m glad I made the decision to do ISP because there is no other group of people I would choose to make such memorable experience with.

-Jason Morales