Today was a very interesting day. My body was all over the place and we went to go climb a mountain. Climbing a mountain was one of the best activities of the day, the 460 steps helped ease my mind a lot. That’s one thing I’m going to miss about Cuba is being at ease. Throughout the trip all my negative energy has been washed away with Cuba’s beautiful scenery and happy people, and I hope New York doesn’t bring me back to being the person I was before I left. I’m really going to miss being in this country and I’m going to miss going to these museums to learn more about my ancestors, which we also did today. Seeing the shackles and the bell at the slave plantation really hit home and I realize more and more everyday what pain slaves went through. Last but not least I will miss Cuba’s green life. Cuba’s flowers are so pretty and heartwarming – I wish I could take it home with me. It’s just one big Botanical Garden 🥰.

– Joi