It’s been a long journey since we came here, and toured and studied the country. I have learned so much during my travel. I learned that Afro Cubans had a great impact on Cuban history which is not talked a lot in history books. Afro Cubans had a great impact on Cuba’s art which we learned more about at the Casa del Caribe. We also saw a great performance at the Cutumba Project in which we sang and danced with the dancers. All together I had a great time in Cuba and learned so much about its history. I can’t wait to share this new knowledge. During our visit at the Cutumba Project I learned about the many Haitians that came to Cuba and the dances and songs that were part of their culture. The performance made me think about how much in touch the Cubans are with their history and culture. I have never met such a kind and welcoming people than the Cubans in Santiago.

– Jason