After eating breakfast at ICAP, we went and saw the old trains at the armored train site where soldiers used to transport military weapons and personal materials. We also went and saw the monument of Che and other soldiers who fought with him to liberate Cuba. Che is an important figure in Cuba – he is considered a national hero to the Cubans because he left his family and loved ones behind to fight for change. He was later imprisoned on October 8th 1967 and shot the next day. Later we went and ate lunch at La Granjita, a buffet restaurant. Next we went to Cultural Center of Santa Clara where the Spanish built their first church in the center of the first park before moving it to a different location. We also visited one of the organizations that fought for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Cuba, El Mejunje Youth Club. This organization started in 1991 which consists of people with different gender/sexual orientation/identities. It’s an LGBT cultural center that is very diverse and has governmental support. Then, we headed to Trinidad which is a very small village in Cuba where we will be staying in private homes for three days, learning about the people and their community. The people so far are very nice and welcoming. We had a great dinner and now we are resting until tomorrow. Treat yourself like someone you love️🧡❣️🖤

-Tida Dukuray