On Friday, December 16, 2022, NBA.com published an article on our work. 

“BroSis has steadily grown over the years into a comprehensive nonprofit social justice organization that works at the intersection of educating young people, organizing for justice and training its participants to advance BroSis’ mission. BroSis calls those in its program “members” because of the lifelong bond they share together. Gisela Rosa, an alumna of BroSis, explained what this is like in practice.

“It’s a space where you’re supposed to grow. You go in there as a seed or a little flower, and all they’re doing is giving you all the resources that you need to grow… these people will really hold it down for you no matter what. They make you feel seen.”

While it is impossible to wholly encapsulate the breadth of the impact, power and stories Brotherhood Sister Sol has contributed, alumni Trevor Walsh put it best: “It’s more than an organization, BroSis is a family. It’s all about the upbringing of youth.”