Janaira Ramirez

Environmental Program Organizer 

Janaira Ramirez is an alumna of The Brotherhood Sister Sol. While a member of BroSis she completed the Liberation Program and the Environmental Program. Joining both programs served as a social awakening, expanding her interests in politics and love for the environment. She first came to the Environmental Program meeting with a plastic bottles she collected at her school and worked with the team facilitator to turn them into planters. Janaira is very thankful to BroSis. She says that without BroSis, it would have taken her a lot longer to discover her interests. 

Janaira earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. After college, she moved to Oregon to work as an environmental justice organizer. She also completed a farmer-training program at Zenger Farms in Portland, Oregon and happily calls herself a farmer. At every step of her education and career, Janaira credits a BroSis staff with helping her achieve those goals. She is excited to return home to Harlem and to her political home, BroSis. 

Janaira is interested in environmental justice, food systems, urban farming, and urban planning.