Antonia Perez

Environmental Facilitator

Antonia Estela Pérez was born and raised in New York City where her curiosity to understand her landscape and heritage was ever present. As first generation born from exiled Chilean parents, social Justice has always been present in her life.

Antonia went to Bard College where she majored in Environmental and Urban Studies with a concentration in anthropology, dance and studio arts. While at Bard she ran the community garden, helped start the Bard Farm and spent several summers working at different farms in the Hudson Valley. Antonia has served as a nature connection instructor for three years, leading children, ages 7-16, in nature awareness games, survival skills and rites of passage. Antonia has also worked at the USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts where she designed and taught curriculum to over 40 youth. She is also a certified permaculturist and permaculture teacher.

She is currently enrolled at the Arborvitae School of Traditional medicine where she is furthering her knowledge of herbalism. Her vision is to bring this information back into her communities and revitalize the ancestral healing knowledge that we hold. Antonia is part of Brujas the NYC based youth organization and is also the co-founder of Nuestra Cultura a platform to bring together and celebrate latinx artists. She is also the co-founder of Herban Cura an organization that bridges nature into urban spaces to create opportunities for healing through workshops, events, and one-on-one services.