April 8

Bro/Sis holds a 2nd food distribution, providing another 2,500 meals, with plans to continue every few weeks.

March 30 – April 3

All chapters and programs move to holding virtual sessions, tutoring, mental health counseling, and an online Resource Guide has been developed to provide a tool-box of community resources for members.

March 23 – 27

50 laptops & 8 wifi hotspots provided to members to support online learning. About 500 members are surveyed by staff to assess needs across housing, food, technology, mental health, physical health, and finances.

March 23

Bro/Sis distributes 200 bags of food to members, alumni & community members, providing about 600 people with 8 meals, 4,800 meals in total.

March 16

Bro/Sis temporarily closes our doors, fast-tracking $15,000 in emergency financial assistance to about 75 youth members, with another $40k expected in April.