Liberating Voices/Liberating Minds Institute

LVLM is the publications and professional development project of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. It offers training and resources to educators, youth workers, schools and community organizations committed to practicing education that transforms minds, lives and communities. Over 2000 people (ages 15-60+) working in over 250 different spaces have experienced LVLM. Participants give high ratings for its quality, accessibility and influence.

The institute includes workshops and trainings for educators to:

  • Deepen their understanding of the important social issues facing Black and Latino/a youth
  • Learn pedagogical strategies for supporting the academic and social development of these youth
  • Expand his/her own knowledge of Pan African and Latino history and culture. Our workshop series is an interactive training that provides a virtual Bro/Sis experience.

Workshop participants collaborate with other educators to learn our strategies for teaching our 10 Curriculum Focus Issues, implementing single-sex and rites of passage programming, and developing curriculum. We are committed to working with public institutions because they provide essential educational and leadership development opportunities for low-income and working-class students of color.

We use our publications in trainings to take youth workers and teachers through our youth development workshops, impacts, and challenges. Trainings are coordinated for organizations and schools in New York City and in other US cities, particularly those having large Black and/or Latino/a populations. Each participant receives a copy of our curriculum, ongoing support during the year of training and the opportunity to build and sustain a network of youth workers.

We are currently developing a Liberating Voices/Liberating Minds International Institute for teachers in Africa and Latin America, specifically in the countries in which we conduct our International Study Program for our teen members. This Institute will center on strategies for utilizing a holistic, progressive pedagogy while focusing on Pan African history, gender issues and rites of passage activities. To download General information on LVLM Click Here.

Liberating Voices/Liberating Minds Publications

The Publications include anthologies of our members’ writings, curricula and other materials developed and published by Bro/Sis. The publications are intended for distribution to community and school based educators, the general public and Friends of the organization. Each of our programs will eventually generate at least one book. Current and upcoming Liberating Voices/Liberating Minds publications are: