Youth Employment Opportunity (YEO)

This summer, through The Department of Youth and Community Development’s Summer Youth Employment Program, BHSS recruited seventeen 14 and 15 year olds to serve as Career Journalists, and provided them an opportunity for our young people to earn money while they were introduced to and explored a world of potential careers. During this seven-week program, their task was to profile and document a variety of careers and professionals on a blog, which would then be made accessible as a resource for other young people (Peer to peer learning). Since most of the members were new to BHSS and to each other, our young people worked together in teams throughout the program and were incorporated into a series of bonding, team building and getting-to know-you activities. These young people grew and developed as writers, constantly editing their work, completing a news blog where they uploaded their finished writings and of course received a well-deserved celebration that included a Career Day with 12 professional speakers who attended to discuss their experiences and share what they had learned.

Many companies and organizations are apprehensive to employ youth so young during the summer due to assumptions that young teens are either too irresponsible, not motivated enough and/or turn out to be more work then help. At Bro/Sis we challenge these notions and hold our members to a higher standard