Summer Day Camp

For six weeks after the school year ends, Summer Day Camp gives our youngest members a place to go to have fun and grow in a nurturing environment. Members ages 7 to 12 participate in our camp Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.Our Summer Day Camp is for six weeks and it provides 30 of our youngest members, ages 8-12, an intensive enrichment experience. The staff to member ration is 1 to five and is lead by our Associate Director – ensuring a supportive and secure environment. Summer Day Camp gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and supervised and loved. Most of the attendees are also in year long After School Program and thus they are in our care for 10 months. The counselors, who are staff and teen youth members, encourage bonding in a relaxed and fun space. These thirty children receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day, learn about healthy eating, and participate in five weeks of day camp activities including athletic and art projects, outings to cultural sites and amusement parks as well as gardening and swimming lessons. The camp concludes with a week-long sleep away camping excursion. The camp is based on the themes of bonding, athletics, arts & culture, environment & science, and innovation & technology.