Liberation Program

To prepare youth for community leadership for both today and the future, we developed the Liberation Program (LP). This program is for members of Bro/Sis who have a demonstrated an interest in activism. Members are selected through an intensive application and interview process designed to ensure serious commitment to community development.

The program consists of two main components: The Liberation School and The Liberation Collective.

The Liberation School

The Liberation School is a 4-week training that takes place each summer for youth 14-17. Throughout the training, members develop skills to identify problems within their community, analyze solutions and act to create positive social change. Members define what it means to be a leader and explore the legacy of youth activism in this country and throughout the world.

Members broaden their understanding of the interconnections between self, community, power, oppression, and liberation. They learn what it takes to be an activist and develop their skills and interest among nurturing staff.

To download a Summer Liberation School Application Click Here.

The Liberation Collective

Members who satisfactorily complete the Liberation School training receive an honorarium and become part of The Liberation Collective, the leadership and organizing body of the Liberation Program. The Collective is self-governing; members are the decision makers. Together, members and staff identify issues affecting their communities, establish goals for creating change and develop action plans. Throughout the school year, the Collective develops and organizes campaigns around these issues and maintains projects already underway. With guidance from staff, Collective members are responsible for recruiting and training future participants.

Collectively, LP members created content for “Reality Check Online ”, our digital magazine about public education reform issues. In 2014, LP members plan to continue partnerships with other NYC youth groups that are organizing for improvements in teaching and learning, school safety, and city and state education spending.

  • Securing almost 5,000 signatures of community support for redevelopment of PS 186 into a multi-use community facility named the People’s Community Center
  • Partnering with Broadway Housing, West Harlem Group Assistance and students of the Milano School andParsons School of Design to develop architectural designs and a feasibility study for the development of thePeople’s Community Center. The project won third place in the national JP Morgan Community Development Competition in April 2005.
  • Creating a multi-media community museum exhibit entitled PS 186…A Dream Deferred depicting the past, present and future of PS 186, exhibited at Bro/Sis, Riverside Church and the University of North Carolina.
  • Receiving support from former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, City Council member Robert Jackson, Community Board 9, and representatives from the Mayor’s Office

Podcast Crew: Zora Howard, Matthew Garcia, LaShae Adams, Sunney Qazi, Orisanmi Burton; Narrator: DaMond Taylor; Audio Collage: Various voices of campaign allies and members and Staff of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol; NY1 Excerpt: Cidra M. Sebastien; Interviews: Que Alequin, Marilyn Rincon, Jason Warwin, Diane Wilson, David McNair, Brenda Diaz; Poet: James McMichaels; Campaign Victories: Dominique Mitchell; Bassist: Bryce Sebastien.

For details on the progress of these campaigns, email LP at