Richard Memminger

College, Career, and Workforce Counselor

Richard Memminger has nearly a decade of experience in career and workforce development. He has assisted young adults and adults by providing customized career and workforce development services, implementing career pathways systems, providing technical assistance, and designing training sessions and materials. Richard as worked at the Borough of Manhattan Community College as the Coordinator of their Career Readiness Internship Program; as an Employment Specialist for Fedcap Group; as Employment Manager for Acacia Network; and as a Career Coach at Community Access. 

Richard is also a filmmaker and has worked with young people using the medium of film, working as a Media Director at other nonprofits. He got his start as a youth with Downtown Community Television Center. There he learned the power of community building and the importance of giving a voice to the underrepresented, lessons that inform his work to this day. Richard aims to support people in finding their voice and helping them find mountains to scream from – ensuring they are heard. 

Richard was born and raised in Harlem. He is the first in his family to earn a college degree and he holds a Bachelor of Science from The New School.